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APRA Rocky Mountains Mentorship Program


The goal of the APRA-RM Mentoring Program is to provide members with the opportunity to partner with experienced prospect development and research professionals who can offer support, guidance and assistance with research strategies and resources.

The Mentoring Program will make every effort to match individuals with a seasoned professional who is experienced in the area(s) of need that you wished to be discussed. We will do our best to find you the best fit between Mentee and Mentor.


For Mentors:

  • A way to give back to your fellow researchers and the prospect research development field.

  • An opportunity to raise the awareness of the profession in the fundraising field.

  • Networking opportunities with different organizations and researchers/analysts/development professionals.

For Mentees:

  • An opportunity to learn about the profession from more experienced colleagues

  • A way to develop skills and learn new ideas, concepts, and perspectives

  • Networking opportunities within the prospect research community



  • Must be a current member of APRA-RM

  • Must be currently employed in a development field in which prospect development or research is at least 50 percent of job

  • Must have at least 1-2 years direct experience in prospect development or research

  • Must be committed to upholding the professionalism of prospect research and adhere to APRA-International’s Statement of Ethics

  • Must be willing to make a one-year commitment to the program

  • Must be responsive to your Mentee’s questions and meeting requests

  • Must be willing to learn as well as share, to provide consultation in technical skills, problem solving, planning, implementation, and evaluation


  • Must be a current member of APRA-RM

  • Must be committed to upholding the professionalism of prospect research development and adhere to APRA International’s Statement of Ethics

  • Must be willing to make a one-year commitment to the program

  • Must be willing to contact and work with your Mentor’s schedule regarding convenient meeting times, dates, locations, etc.



  • Make initial contact with your Mentee and set up first meeting. This meeting could be face-to-face, phone, email chat, or video chat. For mentees new to prospect development or research, plan for this initial session to last about an hour. The Mentor will reach out to find a date and time that works for both of you.

  • Formalize expectations, define goals, and establish frequency of contact as well as contact preferences (phone, e-mail, face-to-face meetings) at initial meeting.

  • Provide guidance and practical prospect development advice. Examples include: job description, budget, resources, research strategies, research requests and profiles, prospect management and reporting, preparing for a campaign, proactive research, analysis, databases and other software, etc.

  • Provide encouragement and feedback throughout the mentoring period.

  • Communicate any changes in mentoring relationship with the program coordinator.

  • Report on mentoring experience/progress with program coordinator at least once during the 3-month commitment.


  • After the initial session, take responsibility for coordinating convenient meeting times and locations with your Mentor as needed.

  • Take the initiative in asking your Mentor questions, emailing about various real-life prospect development and research scenarios, and soliciting ideas.

  • Evaluate experience with both Mentor and the program administrator.


If you are an APRA-RM member and interested in being assigned a Mentor, or if you wish to become a Mentor, please complete this application form: Mentorship Application.pdf and return the form to:

Carrie Thomas
Membership Director

Carrie will contact you to begin the process of assignment. If you have any additional questions, please contact her at

Thank you for your interest in, commitment to and support of APRA-RM!

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